System Gemini AKTIV Free Rifle Butt Plate


Renowned from club level through to Olympians, the System Gemini AKTIV Free Rifle Butt Plate has over 1 million permutations, making it possibly the most adjustable buttplate available. This allows the buttplate to be perfectly customised the shoulder of the shooter. This allows for a comfortable and repeatable butt plate positioning, whilst also obtaining optimal recoil characteristics.

Like all System Gemini products, it is manufactured from high quality aluminium alloy, and is available in a selection of colours.

The AKTIV Free Rifle Butt Plate will fit the Ansch├╝tz 14,18,19 and 20 series, Walther KK200, KK300 (Alutec) Feinwerkbau 2600 and 2700 models.

For three positional shooters we also offer 1P, 2P and 3P sets for shooters who do no wish to to have more the one butt plate carrier.

[Please note, for ISSF shooter its may be required to remove the cantilever in order to meet the maximum depth rules. This can be easily removed and adjusted by the shooter. This does not at present affect NSRA rules]